Events for club members

Pilates Classes



Club members may attend any of the Pilates sessions arranged by the club. Sessions are twice a month on Sundays with a qualified Pilates instructor but tailored to suit runners. All sessions are funded by the club as part of the annual membership.

Agility, Balance & Coordination Sessions



It sounds simplistic, but the aim of the sessions is to improve the runner’s agility, balance and coordination. When you break the running action down a lot of time is spent on one foot and so runners need good balance. You have to move your arms and legs together, so you need to be well-coordinated and you need to be agile to avoid obstacles and uneven ground.

The sessions use a series of drills and exercises to improve these key skills.

A strong core is also important to runners and the sessions also concentrate on strength and conditioning exercise, oh and we always try and have a bit of fun!